Dhyanmitra | Meditation for Children



  • Meditation improves concentration for the school children, in turn improves their subject understanding
  • They can finish study in shorter time
  • They become capable of asking intelligent questions in the class


  • Meditation helps children remember what they learnt for longer period of time
  • It also enhances their memory storage capacity
  • Meditation enables them specifically in terms of memorising – number tables, spellings, formulae etc

Clarity on choice

  • Practising meditation makes children wiser to take their career decisions, in turn helping parents to support them in their pursuits
  • Meditation helps making choices with clarity and removes confusions in mind.
  • Due to advent in technology, the exposure to children has increased and they need to make a lot of smaller choices as to – I want to do this, I don’t want to go there, I need to wear this, I should not watch this TV show and so on

Value inculcation

  • Value education is an integral part of formal education and family life. Meditation helps them inculcate and exhibit through their behaviour
  • Deeper values can be very helpful living their lives ethically

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