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We believe meditation is good. We know it reduces stress. What we need is the place which is conducive to meditation. Dhyanmitra Meditation Spaces is a unique place that offers excellent rooms for meditation. 

In this modern era of rapid technological advances and fast dissemination of information, the dynamics of our work life and personal life have changed beyond recognition. There is uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, in and about everything that we are engaged in. The increasing competition, expanding geography of the marketplace and growing ethnic complexity of the workforce, pose quite a challenge. We are required to upgrade and update ourselves constantly. The pressure of performance is enormous. Naturally, there is a lot of stress and a lack of mental peace. Dhyanmitra Mediation Spaces is a perfect place to find peace of mind.

Meditation is a neutral ground and does not need to be associated with any particular faith or any particular technique. It is a retreat or recourse, which, each and every one should be able to access, as and when one wants or needs in his/her own individual way. At Dhyanmitra Meditation Spaces, anyone can book a space to meditate – young or old, novice or expert.

There is a good flexibility, as far as the duration is concerned. One can book a meditation slot as per his/her own wish. 

At Dhyanmitra Meditation Spaces, everyone gets an individual attention. If there is a need, the guidance is given free. 

“The gift of learning to meditate, is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, in this lifetime” – Sogyal Rinpoche

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