You: Mind your own business and rest.

Mind: Never. I’m going to think of all the goddamn problems and analyze what, why, why not, how and all other interrogations.

Result: STRESS

Welcome to the Era of Stress – 21st century! Everyone is dressed in stress. How air is omnipresent, stress has become so. Work deadlines, family problems, loss of close members, financial problems, worrying for small and big things, all these factors lead us to stress. We are all tensing up over something every time which makes us a stress monster.

What happens inside your body when you become stressed?

When we get stressed, our body releases hormones – epinephrine and cortisol which wake the body for emergency action. Your brain gets alert, muscles get tighten, heart beats faster and breath quickens. For the short term, this is okay. But, when you are constantly in stress mode, your body stays in an emergency mode which is not-so-good for our body. This becomes toxic stress.

Because of your prolonged stress, body and mind have to pay the bill. This toxic stress can lead to many health issues.

Heart diseases

Depression or Anxiety

Sleep problems

Thinking and Memory problems


Autoimmune diseases


Digestive problems

Skin problems

Menstrual problems

Weight loss



Yes! The stress you thought as ‘just’ stress would invite these many health problems. And know what? You cannot be hale and hearty with stress at any cost.

How to wipe off the stress?

Some of you might feel that stress is tagging along with you like 24/7. You might want to relax but you can’t. This restlessness or the hyperactive mind can be set right by mindfulness which can be attained through meditation.

                                 Meditation -> Mindfulness -> Stress control

Mindfulness is the state of being aware of the present. It’s not about ‘Multi-thinking and single doing’. But it is the ‘single thinking and single doing’. It is weeding out unnecessary thoughts and attaining inner calm and clarity.

Mindfulness is the mind’s ability to go a step back and seeing problems without any response. That neutral mind which can be stable to all the internal and external pressures is what mindfulness is.


Being with stress is like swimming on the surface of the ocean against the waves. The deeper ocean is calm which is the mindfulness. To get away from stress waves and reach the mindfulness, meditation is the best and the only path.

Many researchers have pointed out meditation as the stress controlling tool. In the stillness of meditation comes the strength to the mind to deal with the stress. Meditation gradually settles down the running mind to its own quiet and peaceful state of nature.

Meditation involves sitting in a relaxed position and focusing your mind on one thought and clearing it of all others. There are many types of meditation. You can choose whatever is comfortable for you. Do at least 15 minutes of meditation daily and you can feel a positive difference in your state of mind. Those few minutes of mental stillness will sweep out the mental clatter and you will attain singularity of thinking. You will have a calm mind that will help you dive deep within yourself and understand the problems and their roots.



Minus and plus equals zero. Same goes here. You have to neutralize the negative stress with the positive mindfulness (through meditation).

Stop putting your mind in autopilot mode and do the manual peaceful drive with the help of meditation. Let’s live a long, long life with a fine fettle mind and body! Dhyanmitra is the ideal place to provide you with your calm and stillness and never before will you feel stressed with the right peace ingredients surrounding you!

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