Meditation for all ages

Meditation for all ages – a path to inner peace

We are all running in this hurly-burly world. Some are running towards work, some running towards school, some towards their ambitions; everyone is running towards something, always. Does it have to be like this ‘run-run and do-do’ scenario? No, there must be a ‘halt’ to know where you are going to in this hasty life. Pause to understand the purpose and give your soul a break.

If meditation answers your calling, nothing like it.


Do you know which is the most un-organized space? It’s not your wardrobe but your mind. Yes! Wandering, flying, dashing of thoughts is what happens in your mind. All of these need an organization to give you mental peace.

Meditation is the exercise to our mind. Many of us give immense importance to maintain our body but nobody bothers about our mind. Your mind is where you put all the stress, tension, anger, anxiety and pressure. It needs a break for some time. It must dwell in peace for at least a few minutes daily. Mental fitness is equally as important as physical fitness.

Everyone is craving for peace. The pressure of achieving great things in a short time; the pressure to earn more, the pressure to sustain in this ultra-competitive world and so-and-so pressures might depress you to the underworld. With focus comes great ability. In order to get clarity, calmness, undivided concentration, meditation is the best-go.

Who should do Meditation?

There is no age bracket for inner peace. Anyone can do meditation from children to adults. Even, it is better to insist on and habituate children from a young age to practice meditation. Children these days are experiencing peer pressure, stress to become something, to score good marks. They are expected to be smart and intelligent more than to be at their age. Some students can withstand it and definitely many cannot. This leads to many problems. They need to peace out and get clarity to focus in their formative years. And obviously, adults as said before, to deal with their grown, professional and personal mental stress, can opt for programmed meditation.

Benefits of Meditation:

Meditation comes with a multitude of benefits. Some of which are as follows:

  • It immensely reduces stress.
  • It boosts energy and helps to lead a fresh and rejuvenated life
  • Those who meditate have witnessed less nervousness and reduction in anxiety.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • Meditation lowers blood pressure and maintains good respiration rate.
  • It increases one’s creativity.
  • Research proves that meditation lowers the risk of heart attack.
  • Many diseases are caused because of the stress and many times diseases get aggressive due to stress. Reducing stress blocks all these negative possibilities.
  • Practicing meditation will help you in increasing tolerance level, confidence and good presence of mind.
  • It can cure insomnia when regularly practiced.
  • Mental balance can give a positive impact on physical well-being.
  • Avoids violence, suicidal and crime thoughts

Many doctors are suggesting meditation as therapy and many of the companies insist on employees wellness by performing meditation for a better work-life balance. Meditation can solve 90% of your life problems. Believe us!

Meditating Spaces:

A calm-yielding action definitely needs a calmer space. Amidst the noisy and busy society, are you searching for a tranquil place? Dhyanmitra is the perfect go-to-place to rest your mind in the lap of Mother Peace.

Dhyanmitra is specially meant to enhance one’s meditation experiences by providing sound-proof rooms to set the noiseless, silent space from the outer world. In addition, there are Pyramid room, Cosmos room, Tree room, Luminos room and Cave room. We guide each and everyone from all walks of life to meditate right and offer the counselling required.

Make meditation a part of your life and resort to success and clarity with ease.

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