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Gain wisdom through meditation

Every day we come across thousands of write-ups talking about the power of meditation. Since ages, its contribution to decreasing stress and chronic diseases is a universal fact. An effective yoga practice actually cleanses our brain and bestows relief to our body and mind.

However, along with it, another crucial outcome of meditation is pure wisdom.

It’s often said, the only thing you should try to achieve more and more is wisdom. The inner peace and salvation attained through knowledge of surroundings and your own self is what wisdom encompasses. It comes from an understanding of what is seen and unseen both internally and externally.

And, meditation can help you prepare the exact ground on which wisdom can sprout. This is because to spiritually set the stage for wisdom, one must purify the nervous system, and for that deep rest is needed. Effective yoga practices allow the mind to detach itself from outer distractions and concentrate on the inner self.

For example, a daily meditation practice among Buddhist monks focuses directly on the cultivation of compassion. This involves envisioning negative events and recasting them in a positive light by transforming them through compassion.

In Buddhist philosophy, the ultimate benefit of meditation is the liberation of the mind from attachment to things it cannot control, such as external circumstances or strong internal emotions.

The liberated or “enlightened” practitioner no longer needlessly follows desires or clings to experiences, but instead maintains a calm mind and sense of inner harmony. And this is what defines wisdom for them.

Meditation brings that required serenity & puts an individual’s state of mind into a completely relaxed state.

However, it does take time in order to feel & delve into that level. One has to keep consistency in practice of meditation each day with proper posture of one’s body. Along with this, it requires effective meditation to accomplish the right results.

How Dhyanmitra can help?

1. We provide the right space for you to meditate and concentrate on yourself. Needless to say, silence is the most important element required for meditation. Our rooms will provide you with that serenity along with additional facilities. The soundproof rooms will keep you away from all the probable distractive noises and make your meditation time a peaceful one.

2. To ensure one’s peace of mind, we even provide single occupancy rooms for better concentration on own self. This keeps you distant from the possible distractions caused by the people around. We strongly believe that attaining concentration and peace of mind is dependent on one’s own capabilities and our private rooms will make this process much easier.

3. Besides silence, the other encircling element which is important for peaceful meditation is the room interiors. Needless to say, dull walls will only surpass negative energies. We at Dhyanmitra, strongly believe in the power of interiors in spreading positivity. This is why, we have our rooms built with different interior themes such as pyramid room, cosmos room, tree room, luminous room and cave room.

So, give yourself the time to look within, by meditating in the perfect space provided by Dhyanmitra.

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