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Experience the blend of the pyramids with spirituality at Dhyanmitra, one of the best meditation centers in Bangalore

Dhyanmitra provides an ideal ambience and enables people to train their minds on meditation, they have created an ambience that perfectly suits all types of conflicting minds. The meditation centres in Bangalore and the meditation classes in Bangalore of Dhyanmitra bring in the most collective and comprehensive meditational experiences to an individual, thus creating the right momentum to understand the most beautiful and blissful moments of meditation. The five concepts of Cosmos, Tree, Pyramid, Cave and Luminos of Dhyanmitra bring in a host of wide-ranging experiences to an individual by duly creating a progressive path in his spiritual endeavour.

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The pyramids are popular world-over for many legendary reasons; there are more mysteries about the pyramids than reasoning and logic. The legends about the pyramids are diverse and are mystifyingly growing every decade and century; the pyramids have exemplarily stood for around 5000 years in Egypt. The pyramids in Egypt happen to be one of the wonders of the world and hence its association with spirituality is obviously popular and that also makes up for all the right reasons on its growing popularity amongst spiritual aspirants. The spiritual connects for pyramids have many connotations as there are many established facts that relate pyramids with spirituality, also there are many organizations across the globe whose ideology about spirituality and meditation is completely based on pyramids. The big question which we need to unravel now is, what are the actual connection between the pyramids and spirituality. While there are many misconceptions or rather confusion arising in the minds when people mention the actual connection between pyramids and spirituality. The meditation classes in Bangalore conducted by Dhyanmitra at their exclusive meditation centre is the most ideal one for every individual and his mind, they thoroughly empower every spiritual aspect and is hence could be considered as one of the best meditation classes in Bangalore.

De-mystifying the pyramids

There is a popular credence on how the pyramids are related to spirituality, the followers and aspirants believe that the bottom of the pyramid represents a solid earthy foundation whereas the pointed top represents the ability to reach higher realms of consciousness. The shape in itself has humungous advantages, it is again believed that energy enters from the top and spreads across all the corners of the triangle shaped pyramid covering all spheres and corners thus energizing the entire atmosphere within the pyramid. The pyramids are also acclaimed of cleansing and purifying the entire physical body from head to toe, the pyramids generate negative ions which balance the human body’s electromagnetic field and thoroughly impact the body thus delivering a healing effect.

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By meditating inside a pyramid, the energy centres of the physical body can be totally balanced which again brings complete control of the mental faculties making the person receptive to intuition and other peaceful pedagogies. The process creates a certain kind of aura within the person and he would be immensely positive oriented, charged and eventually would attain a glowing persona. The usage of head pyramid or meditating nearer to the upper regions of the pyramid increases mental balance as all the head centres are directly connected to the 7 major chakras of the human body which in turn brings balance and control all through the body affecting all internal organs and also brings a balance to the pituitary and the pineal glands.

Many people believe in much more things which have a direct correlation to the pyramids and its impact; they place food, medicines, and herbs inside the pyramid as it increases the efficacy. Pyramid crystals are fast gaining popularity amongst the seekers and believers, they believe an effectively charged crystal in a pyramid structure aids in the meditation process and reduces stress.

Dhyanmitra by adopting a holistic approach towards meditation provides one of the best meditations centres in Bangalore, the meditation disciplines are aided by creating an ideal ambience that supports the overall meditation process of an individual. The meditation centres in Bangalore provides an aesthetic and finest ambience with various features created and developed to comprehensively aid the individual in the overall process of meditation. The five concepts of Cosmos, Tree, Pyramid, Cave and Luminos of Dhyanmitra invariably bring in a host of blissful experiences to the individual, these incredible spiritual experiences don’t originate elsewhere and thus they can vouch to say, that they provide one of the best meditation classes in Bangalore.

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