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Embrace Reality with the Power of Meditation

Pleasure is what we seek in our every endeavour but what we gain is slightly different every time. Agree?

In today’s world, we have become robots, a machine more than a human. In a manner of speaking, we have forgotten social life, the jocular moments of familial and friendly bantering. We swim in a maelstrom of liabilities, responsibilities, commitments, and many more social issues from which it’s nearly impossible to escape.

You try to run as hard as you can, trying to fulfil yours and your families’ needs and demands. But after a few decades, you lose excitement, happiness and gets encircled with stress, anxiety and depression.

You know the reason. Maybe you don’t know the way to eliminate it.

Meditation is the way to embrace the reality – how the things are and how you adapt yourself to it. It’s about accepting your life the way it is – adjusting your expectations with reality! If things don’t go the way you had hoped, or if life has rewarded you with humps and hollows, you can find your peace, hidden in the ancient art of relaxation & rejuvenation.

The reason why we’re engulfed with these situational problems is that, that we see things the way we are taught instead of experiencing it the natural way.  The past experiences, failures, successes, disappointments shape our perception. Even the unattended needs which are stored in our unconscious mind compels us to take action which isn’t in favour of reality.

Meditation is a way to become strong and face reality. It soothes our inner self, allowing the mind to set aside fear and destructive thoughts, nurturing our perception to understand things in their natural form. Rational and logical thinking comes back to the forefront and we conceive ideas, opinions which are in sync with our true nature.

I hope you and I have a million memories – some good or bad which we hold dearly in our hearts. And not letting it flow out of our minds. This is the second reason why meditation is a big, blonde hope for us! As we find it very difficult to let things go and reserve those memories (or say experiences) which do more harm than good, the power of ‘will’ diminishes.

Why Meditation? ‘Cause meditation allows us to take in all the things (reality) and let it pass without affecting our conscience and getting involved in acts which aren’t in our control. It’s just about sitting idle and letting the energy of cosmos flow through the body, thus enlightening us and raising the level of consciousness, which is a major differentiator between an animal and a human being.

Lastly, but not the least, it disengages us from the muddle of over-thinking. Over-thinking is related to issues like confusion, conflict, and pressure and it leads us to a blind-alley of what-to-do and what-not-to-do! And as known, it blinds us from thinking critically. So, in my opinion, mediation is the key to eliminate all confusion and bring wisdom in anything and everything that we think and do!

To conclude, I would like to say that the path of attaining enlightenment is indeed acquiring wisdom through meditation. In its truest form, meditation isn’t only about accepting reality, but it constructs a pavement for people like us to embrace or endure the reality.

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