Dhyanmitra cave ambience

Caves are relatively synonymous with spirituality and meditation

Being inside a cave is mostly presumed as scary and spooky by the inexperienced and amateurs. The solitude of the caves creates different illusions of fear psychosis and generates anxiety. Try asking an experienced person who has been inside caves many times and he would narrate his memorable experiences marvellously. It is just a matter of experience for amateurs to change their perceptions about caves and its profound impact on them and their spiritual connection. The ancient culture of India is replete with stories about sages doing meditation and practising spirituality inside caves for aeons. The culture stridently brings the association of caves and spirituality to the forefront making it more obvious and synonymous. The spookiness of caves can frighten the hell out of people especially the amateur ones, but for the experienced, there is abundant memories and stories to recount. The spiritually experienced souls spend a good amount of time in the caves for its solitude and spiritual elevation.

The depth of the caves and its connection with the sub-conscious

The caves are also represented and linked with the sub-consciousness of humans since caves have paths that pass deep inside into inner realms. The caves are invariably connected to the subconscious minds of the humans who surprisingly also have deeper realms and layers. The sub-conscious is also termed as the soul of an individual, therefore it also metaphorically narrated as the journey of the soul deep inside the caves to realize itself. The journey of a human being is also filled with many layers, the layers and experiences are of many kinds which every human being must perpetually go through – the miseries, sorrows, disappointments, happiness, joyfulness, blissfulness, pleasantness etc. An average human being experiences a plethora of emotions on a day-to-day basis, some emotions make them happy and pleasant, some bring them miseries and sorrow. The natural inclination of most human beings towards these emotions is to react intensely, this intensity could have a larger and deeper impact on them both mentally and physically. Spirituality and meditation bring certain kind of discipline and order in humans and make them react in a simple and calm manner to all kinds of circumstances and situations. An individual must intensely practice towards attaining this state of being. Caves do provide a different experience of solitude and calmness and prepare the mind and body to attain a balance and thus creates the right kind of foundation for larger spiritual perceptions and experiences.

The cave feature at Dhyanmitra gives you a comprehensive experience of spirituality and solitude

At Dhyanmitra Meditation Spaces, especially in the Cave room, there is a cave created that provides a wider and intense experience of spirituality and solitude. The facility is developed in a scientific process by paying attention to minutest details. Doing meditation inside a cave gives an individual a profound experience of detachment from the worldly affairs. Since ancient times, the great sages sought solace in caves in the Himalayas and other mountain ranges. With full focus on spirituality, they became wiser by meditating deep inside the caves. We at Dhyanmitra have developed the right kind of cave ambience that provides a deeper and stronger spiritual experience. Spiritual experiences inside the caves is no longer an age-old phenomenon, it is very much happening in modern times. An individual as to just walk-in to experience the cave phenomenon and embark on a spiritual journey.

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