Meditation for all ages

Meditation for all ages – a path to inner peace

We are all running in this hurly-burly world. Some are running towards work, some running towards school, some towards their ambitions; everyone is running towards something, always. Does it have to be like this ‘run-run and do-do’ scenario? No, there must be a ‘halt’ to know where you are going to in this hast

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Meditation space in Bangalore

Embrace Reality with the Power of Meditation

Pleasure is what we seek in our every endeavour but what we gain is slightly different every time. Agree? In today’s world, we have become robots, a machine more than a human. In a manner of speaking, we have forgotten social life, the jocular moments of familial and friendly bantering. We swim in a maelstrom &hellip

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Dhyanmitra cave ambience

Caves are relatively synonymous with spirituality and meditation

Being inside a cave is mostly presumed as scary and spooky by the inexperienced and amateurs. The solitude of the caves creates different illusions of fear psychosis and generates anxiety. Try asking an experienced person who has been inside caves many times and he would narrate his memorable experiences marvellously.

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